4 septiembre 2011

oraciones con presente, pasado y condicional

1)      hacer 10 oraciones con presente perfecto
2)      hacer 10 oraciones con pasado perfecto
3)      hacer 5 oraciones con segundo condicional

1)      she has seen a bird
2)      he has seen televisión
3)      she has drive
4)      he has speak with maria
5)      she has run much
6)      i play soccer
7)      she write much
8)      he cook coconut
9)      i make karate
10)   she sleep much


1) You had worked very hard for a long time.
2) They had spoken about Germany and France.
3) He had lived in Canada since 1989.-
4) I had played tennis since 2007.-
5) we had planned our holidays for a little time.
6) She had cooked some sweets cakes for a few days.
7) The Pearson family had lived in its town since 1950
8) I had ever painted a Picasso’s picture.
9) The dog had already eaten a bone.
10) Hadn´t you drunk a cup of coffee, yet?


1)      if my mother were cooker, then she been a good chef
2)      if were you playing soccer you would tired
3)      if my mother me scolding, then cry
4)      if my sister were acres, then she win much dinner
5)      if you were study, then you win the years

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